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Office 2013-2016 C2R Install 6.0.0 Setup Free




A: I haven't found a way to do this, but I have a work-around. If you're using an Azure Virtual Network with a Custom-based image, you can add a network security group to allow connections from your development PC, then configure the firewall to allow all traffic except that protocol/port. If you're using another type of image you can enable the firewall on the VM, then only allow traffic from your development PC over the required ports. I use the last option because my VMs are all in Azure, not managed by a Hyper-V host. In my case the protocol is TCP/80, so the rule would be: "tcp:80" And the firewall would have to be opened. That rule will allow connection from my PC to the VM, but it won't allow the VM to connect back to my PC. The rule for the other way around is a little different (less commonly used). "all:80" Which allows communication from the VM to the PC, but it won't allow the PC to communicate back to the VM. You can then configure a rule for the exact opposite: Or any other one you may need. Q: Creating an Active Record object from an array I'm using the gem shopify_api and i need to create an Active Record object. But it expects the values in an array. I'm looping through a collection of products on an e-commerce site. I'm simply outputting some data from each object. It works great if I just have one product in the loop, but if I try to set a class variable in the loop it throws an error because the array is not an ActiveRecord object. Here is the code: products = Product.find(:all) products.each do |product| 'products/product' %> end product.rb: class Product include ShopifyAPI::API store = :access_token => access_token store.product(product_id, { :product => { :name =>, :image => product.images.first.url } }) And the error that I'm getting is: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid:





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Office 2013-2016 C2R Install 6.0.0 Setup Free

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