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S.I.C. Film School

The S.I.C. Film School is an education platform focused exclusively on SOCIAL IMPACT. Working with youth directly affected by specific issues, then empowering them to create CONTENT to address those issues.

During the Summer of 2019, S.I.C. offered a 10-Week Course FREE to Life Camp Youth affected by GUN VIOLENCE. Students learned Film Theory, Camera & Lighting, Story Development, Screen Writing and much more.

For Enrollment, Sponsorship or Curriculum Licensing, please send us an EMAIL

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Creative Gods

Creative Gods is a Culture House identified by 3 pillars: Content, Collective & Collection.

Under the purview of Content, CG operates as a Prod Co & Ad Agency, focused on Brilliant Ideas and Flawless Execution. The Collective is comprised of Icons in Art + Fashion + Film + Food + Music, while the Collection includes signature lifestyle accessories and exclusive couture collaborations.

Creative Gods' campaigns are limited to brands or ideas  we are passionate about. 

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Shoot HR

Shoot HR is the signature studio of HEZUES R. The first film studio to open in the Bronx (NY). SHR has hosted many prominent productions and entertainment giants, from Travis Scott to Delroy Lindo.

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Guns 4 Cameras

Guns 4 Cameras is a 501(c)3 non-profit, founded by HEZUES R to eradicate gun violence among youth, while creating opportunities in media production. 

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Eye On It

Eye On It... 

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